Monday, June 1, 2009

Romaine Lettuce - harvest in 2 months

These are the Romaine Lettuces from 2 months ago. I finally get a chance to harvest some of it on Sunday, and cook it with Stephanie's recipe (using garlic, onion oil and oyster sauce). Thanks Steph! I'm not so good in cooking, but this time it tastes so yummy!


  1. Ohhh looks very tasty. So many things you can do with lettuce! Enjoy

  2. Seriously? you tried my recipe! I feel very honoured here. I am so happy to know that it turn out ok for you. The taste is very Chinese. I didn't know that you are ok with the taste too. But I think that your lettuce is so healthy that it would taste good even without cooking. Wonderful!

  3. Pure - Thanks!

    Steph - Yes, I did! I add the lettuce with some fish fillet and other vegetables. Please see June 2nd posting, you will see the photos. Thank you so much for inspiring me to cook more healthy foods.


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