Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dwarf / Patio Lime Tree

I bought this small lime tree a year ago from Gurney's Nursery. In order to move it indoor during winter, I have to let it grows in a flower pot. It is such a cute small plant with many tiny fruits, the limes are getting larger, but it's not ready to harvest yet (see previous post #1, #2). I am thinking to get another patio size lemon tree.


  1. Good choice! I like it... so green and refreshing. Yes, why not get another one if you are thinking of it. Really brightens up your patio. And it is fruit tree! Good source of supply too ;-0

  2. How old is your tree?
    My friend has a lemon tree but she's never had fruit.

  3. Steph - I can't buy it now because the shipping season is over, they don't have it in my local nursery. The shipping schedule is Feb 15 - June 8:
    I will order it next spring.

    Kim and Victoria - I bought the tree online a year ago, not sure how old when they shipped it. I guess it is probably 2-3 y/o now.
    If your friend don't have lots of bees take care of pollination, he/she may need to hand pollinate to get some fruits.


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