Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two-Tone Mauve-Yellow Gladious Blooms

This is the new pink/mauve-yellow Gladious flowers in my garden. I bought a bag of bulbs from Home Depot during last year clearance without knowing the color/ name. I thought it's Iris, but I was wrong! Thanks to AnnF and islandgardener pointing out that it's Gladious. I was just trying my luck, what a great surprise! They turn out to be so beautiful, the brilliant blooms grace sword-shaped foliage topping 3-4 ft stalks, and continuing to bloom for almost 2 weeks.

I plant some of the Irises next to the blackberry, it still blooms without any problem.Daily fresh cut flowers for indoor decoration... feel like a florist :-)

A friend told me that if Iris corms being planted too deeply or lack of sunlight, it will cause the non-blooming problem. Avoid to put the corm down an inch or more. The corm should be on the surface and the roots buried, or the corm should be half buried.


  1. Your iris is so beautiful! I see that you made good use of them to decorate your house. Btw, VueJardin, did you talked about growing tea bush and roasting tea leaves at our own home before? If yes, please give me the link so that I could read it again. I was just reading about tea yesterday. Just needed more information on growing tea tree.

  2. They are definitely glads -- and they are so pretty that's what they made me! Glad!

  3. AnnF and islandgardener - Thanks a lot telling me the name, I am glad it is Gladious ;-)

    Steph - This is the link about "Growing Tea at Home"

  4. TQVM! and noted this into my blog also. I really appreciated it ;-D


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