Monday, June 8, 2009

Tea Olive Shrub - Osmanthus fragrans

Tea Olive is a flowering evergreen shrub, a member of olive family. It has large green leaves, begins blooming late winter, usually blooms heavily and lasting into spring. It is very fragrance; the deers love to eat its young leaves. Most people like to plant a couple bushes in the garden. We have 3 Tea Olive shrubs use as privacy screen to hide the air conditioning units close to the house. The tiny white flower clusters are amazing aroma; when the flowers bloom, it will attract a lot of bees. Do you have it in your garden?
Size: large upright shrub = 20 ft x 6-8 ft
Light: Sun to partial shade
Moisture: Moist to average.
Hardiness: USDA Zones 8 to 10.
Propagation: From medium wood cuttings

We can't use Tea Olive for tea leaves, but I found an article about Growing Tea at Home


  1. Very nice green! Nope, I do not have this shrub but I like the white flower. It is a good idea to use them to hide those air-conditioning units. I read the article on growing tea at home, good idea too. TQ for sharing :-) I learnt someting new today!

  2. Sounds very interesting to me! There might be a chance I could grow it here, in the Zone 7-8 cusp. I want to read the tea article, too!


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