Monday, June 29, 2009

Spinach, Spicy Globe Basil (Ocimum Basilicum), Okra

Here are some of the mixed greens planted close to the patio for quick harvest: Spinach in flower pot (almost the last batch), and okra (still small but probably needs to relocate it to the ground). I have been harvesting spicy globe basil every week; it is not really spicy but tastier than regular basil.


  1. Yeah, that okra needs to be out of the way ;-) I saw okra flowers here, they are beautiful also. They can really make a vege plot look nice. Btw, the basil looks very nice and good to eat. Happy gardening VueJardin!

  2. I love that particular basil for sprinkling on a caprese salad...and I concur with Stephanie that okra blossoms are spectacular. If for nothing else, they are worth it for that!

  3. Steph and islandgardener,
    Glad to know that you like the basil too, it really adds more flavor to home cook meals.
    I love okra too, just regret I didn't plant more this spring, it will be on the top of my gardening list next year.


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