Friday, June 12, 2009

Epipremnum Aureum (Scindapsus Aureus) - Easy Care Green Indoor Houseplant

Scindapsus aureus is one of those hassle-free indoor plant species; just put it in a bottle, add some water, you are done! It will last about a month before you need to refill more water. Scindapsus Aureus is a trailing or climbing plant with leathery and heart shaped leaves. If you are a busy person or a frequent traveler, at least when you come home or back from a business trip, the house plant is still alive for you to enjoy. See my collections here.
* The ceramic swan and hand towels are 100% "hand made" by my mother-in-law.
How To Make Ceramics Products


  1. Sounds like a hardy plant. Your mother in law made a lovely swan and hand towels.

  2. Hi, Tina
    Ya, it is a hardy and lovely plant, don't know why it has a bad nickname "Devil's Ivy".

  3. We call this Money Plant ;-) Green and nice. I like this plant too. Yes, very hardy. I have one which lime green. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. Yes, as stephanie mentioned, its money plant here ... we have two, solid green and yellowish green. Your mother in law is very artistic...


  5. Tina, Steph, Bangchik & Kakdah,
    Thanks! I try to get my mother-in-law to start a blog for her hobbies. The money plant is a much more better, such a good luck name!


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