Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home Made Japanese Beetles Repellent / Trap and Bait

This is a follow up from previous post here. I decide to make a Japanese Beetles repellent, the idea is inspired by Sara's blog theherbgardener (Thanks, Sara!). I use some cooking oil and antiseptic mouthwash to replace soap, which is slightly different than the original recipe to create non-toxic and $0 repellent. After catching those beetles, smash and place it in a plastic container with tiny v-shaped holes on the cover, and put it close to the tree. The rotting beetles with oil scent will warn all beetles to stay away. So far, this method works, it is more effective than toxic insect repellent. Imagine when outdoor temperature closes to 100 degree, the cooking oil will probably fry whatever left inside the container. If it rains, the oil will float on the top of water to prevent mosquitoes. The other recipe is using water, sugar, mashed banana, and yeast; it also works as a trap and bait, but I didn't use that because I'm afraid it will attract more beetles. I know we should treat all living things equally, but the insects are destroying the garden like viruses killing human beings. What would you do?


  1. Very good idea! Thanks for showing close-up of the container. I wonder if this works for flies. Sometimes, we have flies coming into our house. And, I agree, if they destroy our plants, then, they have to go :-( Have another wonderful day!

  2. Hi Steph, why not try it? Lavender will repel flies too.


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