Monday, June 15, 2009


Have you started to harvest your tomatoes yet? See the progress here...
These are my sweet 100 hybrid cherry tomatoes, still green, but when I check this afternoon, some of them start changing to light yellow color.

Better Boy Hybrid tomatoes

Bonnie Select Hybrid tomatoes

Tomatoes split or crack - is a sign of inconsistent watering, either too much or too little.
Fertilize once every two weeks with fertilizer high in phosphorus
Don't throw away the unfinish tea/tea bag, use the compost tea to add energy for tomatoes to finish up the season.


  1. Our tomatoes are just now getting flowers.

  2. Wow this is good progress! I can see that you would have so many tomatoes to harvest later.

  3. They look good! Won't be long now.

  4. Everyday I run out to check my tomatoes, but still just green growth! I live in SF so it has been so cold and foggy lately, thanks for posting these pics for inspiration!

  5. Kim and Victoria, Step, Tina, TheUrbanFieldGuide:

    Thanks for dropping by, the tomatoes grow faster when weather is warm. I will post the follow up, hope the tomatoes can be harvested in few weeks.


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