Friday, June 19, 2009

Baby Spinach

How to get Popeye’s super power?
  • Germinate spinach seeds in a large pot with light moisture soil
  • Use flower pot to avoid insects from the ground.
  • Place it under partial shade
  • After 40-50 days, cut spinach leaves from outside of the plant, when it gets mature harvest entire plants before flowering.
  • Harvest a patch of home grown spinach for salad, soup, or light cooking.
  • Nutrient content is best if eat the spinach straight after picking, remember to wash it in cool water.
100 Spinach Recipes
Can you remember any cartoon characters that inspire kids to eat healthy food?
I guess not a whole lot...


  1. Brief, yet packed with information. I like it! Plus, beautiful photos of the spinach. Well done.

  2. I eat spinach all the time. I like the baby leaves in salad and can only tolerate it cooked like Popeye ate it when I smother it in vinegar. What can I say, I'm from the north:)

  3. Nothing beats fresh spinach! One of the best veggies for your health, too! Enjoy them :)
    Lynn (NJ)

  4. Alexandria, Tina, and Lynn,

    Thanks for stopping by, glad y'all like the spinach too. I will grow more baby spinach next year, it's so yummy. Hope y'all enjoy the father's day with family.

  5. your spinach looks so wonderful! Our spinach is all gone now and I miss it in my salads. Must rely on the grocery store now. Sigh...

  6. I can see that it is nice and green ;-) Good job VueJardin ;-D

  7. I love spinach too, mine still have a little bit left, probably I can harvest it once/ twice and finish it.


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