Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bird Watching

It is such a surprise to see a big bird (about 1.5 ft tall) standing on the backyard fence. Do you know what is the name of this bird?

Backyard Vacation

~ A beautiful poem by Wanda G. Black

I sit here and gaze at God's blue sky
With white puffy clouds drifting by
And the vibrant green of grass and trees
And the flowers all bowing in the breeze

Then I look out across the peaceful pond
At the woods and the pasture just beyond.
And closer in, flying into view
The finch, the cardinal, and the bluebird, too.

In the redwood swing, I lean back and then
Enjoy the melody of the wren.

The whir of the hummingbird darting by
The sight of the buzzard, floating high.
The robin defending its hidden nest
By chasing away the cowbird pest.

I sit out here and swing along
As I listen with joy to God's nature song.

And as I listen to each trill and peep,
I close my eyes and fall asleep.


  1. What a terrific shot of this raptor! I don't know what type it is but it looks like some variety of hawk, don't you think? The hawks that I get in my yard are generally red tailed or sharp shinned hawks. Yours doesn't look like either one to me...but it's certainly a good sized one!! I love the poem--very sweet and peaceful. Jan

  2. Hmm... I do not recognise that bird but it does look strong. This poem is a good choice... well suited for your garden that has a pond... ;-)

  3. Posted a message for you on Blotanical - why not check you "Whatbird"? It's a brilliant US website for identifying strangers!!

  4. Is it a hawk? Just a look at his claws make me happy that I'm not a rabbit or a mouse! The poem is lovely, thank you!

  5. Jan, Stephanie, Charlotte & Tatyana,
    Thanks for all the suggestions, it must be a fat hawk :D
    Few years ago a rabbit drop dead from in front of me when I was waking under the tree. I guess the bird caught a big rabbit and couldn't handle when it struggled.


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