Sunday, June 28, 2009

Got Mushroom?

I found some wild mushrooms growing on the top of the mulch. These large mushrooms have a strong visual appeal with clusters of brown caps are contrasted against creamy white stems, the caps ranging in size from 3 to 5 inches. I don't think it's edible, possible toxic?

Some mushrooms are growing next to the flowers

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  1. I think your soil is so fertile and the condition is so good for this mushroom. That's why it can grow until so big. I think better not eat as it is just a wildly grown type ;-)

  2. I wouldn't venture to eat them, either. I always wanted to learn how to tell good from bad. My dad is able to identify certain types that his grandparents taught him about. They are lovely, your mushrooms!

  3. Steph,
    Yes, I agree, it's better don't consume those wile mushroom, life is good, I don't want to kill myself ;D

    It is so nice to pass the knowledge from generations, you dad is so lucky to have chance learning from his grandparents. I wish the new generation can be so lucky too.


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