Friday, March 27, 2009

LIME TREE, Citrus latifolia

Container-sized Dwarf Lime tree grows to about three feet in height and produce full-size, bright green juicy limes. Miniature tree adds color and fragrance to the patio. Lime fruits have a delicious, tangy taste. The flowers and leaves smell wonderful. It can be used in key-lime pies, in cold drinks or cooking. Some special recipes feature the unique taste of lime (lime juice or lime leaf).

Lime tree needs a humid environment/ misting several times a week, direct sunlight and frequent watering. Day temperature 65-70 degrees F; night temperature 50-55 degrees F. Use an acid-balanced fertilizer throughout the year and add trace elements in spring. Leaves will drop if soil is too wet or too dry. High pH or high soluble salts can cause leaf yellowing. If light is too low, it will not bloom; hand pollinate will improve fruit production.

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