Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Colors of Summer - Yellow and Red Flowers

Every spring I have to figure out which flower to pick for matching colors, and making sure they are not too expensive for a large flower bed. For some reasons, red and yellow flowers are easier to grow than purple one, and they spread faster too. Are you a big fan of yellow/red flowers?


  1. I am a big fan of yellow and red flowers. They are both hot colors and look good. And you know they do seem to spread faster.

  2. Hello Vuejardin! How are you this morning? I just wanted to say it is so wonderful to hear from you always.

    I love the yellow and red flowers too. They look so bright and cheery! You made a good choice ;-) Yesterday, my yellow desert rose bloomed a flower for the first time. My red miniature rose has been blooming flowers non-stop. Just so wonderful. Enjoy the flowers yeah ;-)

  3. I love to figure out what colors planted together will make the flowers seem to vibrate. Such fun! Love your combinations...

  4. Tina, Steph, and June - Everyday, I look forward to hear from y'all, it's always nice to read your comments. Yes, these flowers spread very fast. I love purple color flowers, but most of them are not so easy to take care. I'm happy to know that you enjoy figuring out the colors combination, and discover the beautiful blooms in your garden.

  5. I enjoy your comments too VueJardin! TQ for your kind words ;-)


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