Sunday, July 12, 2009

Petting zoo and vegetable garden project in the city

This is a city vegetable garden project to introduce the history of local farming - corn, beans, squash, cotton, peanuts, and tobacco.Three sisters: Corn, Beans, Squash.
These three crops were grown to companion planting. Every plants required different nutrition, but together these three provided each other with nourish. Corn supported the pole beans, and supplied calories and lysine. Beans provide protein and crucial amino acids. Squash/ pumpkins contain calories, vitamins, minerals, oils, and protein. Eaten together squash provided a well-balanced diet with a stable food source. Local feasts and dances always begin when the harvest of corn is ended.

You can laugh at me… I did not grow up on a farm, this is the first time I ever seen a live baby pig :D
I don't recall they have it in a regular zoo though...


  1. Vegetable farming in the city is so cool! I love this project. The 'three sisters' farming is unique. Very informative for city people. Btw, when I see baby pig, I think it is humourous also ;-) I recalled the movie 'Babe'. They are so cute. Have an exciting Monday!

  2. A nice idea indeed. I love baby pigs. Chasing them can be most interesting. These ones look easy to catch though since they are asleep.

  3. Steph - Yes, those baby pigs are so cute!
    Tina - You are so luck, at least you get a chance to chase the pigs!


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