Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Harvest of the day

Harvest of the day: basil, squash, parsley, mint, and okra. I'm thinking to get some sweet potato leaves, but I've put too much fertilizer few days ago, ended up killing it...too bad the leaves turn brown.
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  1. Ha ha... too much fertiliser... I know what you are talking about ;-) Once I put some into a container and the leaves of the plant just kept dropping. Fortunately the plant did not die he he...

    Btw, I notice you use foil ware for baking. Do you think that using foil ware (like those manufactured by Reynolds) gives the same result as using a proper pan? I wanted to bake a fruit cake with the intention of giving away but I am not sure if I should just bake it using the foil ware or bake it in a pan first then transfer. What do you think?

  2. It almost sounds like a song...basil, squash, parsley, mint. Yum.

  3. Nice harvest.

    I've had trouble finding you since your blog isn't listed in your google profile. I assumed that you didn't have a blog or that it was private!

  4. Stephanie - Yes, the foil baking pan gives same result as regular pan, it is easier if you bring the cake to a party or give it away. Sometimes, I bought the pie shell crust that came with the foil pan, it makes life easier, and I recycle / use it as disposable plate to harvest produce from the garden.

    June - Thanks, you are so creative, I never think of making it a song :-)

    Prospero - Thanks for stopping by. I made a mistake renamed the blog from original google profile, ended up I'm screw :P sorry about that, I'll try to fix it.


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