Monday, July 20, 2009

Romaine Lettuce Flowers - Wordless Monday

What to do with the Romaine Lettuce flowers?


  1. VueJardin! Lettuce flowers? So big? This is a surprise for me. I have seen vege flowers grown so tall and lush/so many blooms. You really have green fingers!

  2. Gather seeds! :)
    Plant Lady

  3. Steph and trilliumgrovefarm,
    Thanks for the great idea. I never think the lettuce flowers can grow so tall, it's good to harvest the seeds for next year.

  4. My daughters and I were just discussing how truly sculptural lettuce is when its bolting. We let some go just for the show. It's like a sculpture garden in our back-porch planter boxes. Bring on those seeds...


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