Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This Week Harvest

The cherry tomatoes are still very productive, it's a bit too much for us, so we have to give some away. Here are the mixed produces from my organic home garden, what are you harvesting this week?

The squash is doing quite well, it grows so fast on these two months

Do you think the squash looks like the image on seed pack?


  1. VueJardin, your squash is even better than the picture! Bigger! Btw, how do you cook the squash? Taste like cucumber? crunchy? or soft? I have not taken squash before. Have a good meal ;-)

  2. Oh you're so lucky! I'm still (un)patiently waiting for some tomatoes to ripen! I think I've already made my limit of zucchini bread though. I think I'm in trouble if I feel this way so early in the season though!

  3. Steph - The squash tastes like zucchini, cruncher than cucumber. Sometimes, I steam it or stir fry with meat.

    theurbanfieldguide - My mother-in-law just starts to plan tomatoes because of the north long cold weather. I try to get her sending some photos to post online. So, you are doing great. We use the green tomatoes to bake cake, it taste so good.


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