Friday, July 24, 2009

Cantaloupe blossom

Female flowers bloom a week after male flowers, the difference is females have small swelling at the base of the flower. How to tell when it's ready to be harvested? A ripe cantaloupe will have a deep golden yellow cast to the rind, have a pleasant cantaloupe aroma, the surface should yield slightly to moderate pressure, light thumb pressure on the blossom end. Overripeness is indicated by a softening over the entire rind, watery, and insipid flesh with a sign of decay.

Honeydews can grow vertically on the fence or arch just like cantaloupes, they get more sunlight and save space.

How to Grow Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melons


  1. Beautiful yellow flowers ;-) Are you enjoying your weekend? I hope you are!

  2. Tina - Thanks, the flowers are large and beautiful. Actually, it grows pretty well in hot weather.
    Stephanie - after eating the fruits you can use the seeds to plant it along the fence, it will climb up like vertical gardening and save some space.


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