Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Landscaping Plants Around Swimming Pool

It's nice to swim and cool down during the hot summer (especially morning or late evening swim). I like to have some shades close to the swimming pool, but the problem is we have to find plants that won’t drop leaves and dirty the pool. Landscaping near the pool can provide privacy and beautify the surrounding view, it also increases the property value. Low-maintenance plants need to blend naturally with the environment. Watch out for some needle-bearing evergreen trees that can be messy if the wind blows those leaves into the pool, or any invasive root plant that can damage the swimming pool foundation. Also, never plant something that will attract bees or insects. I like the broad-leaf Holly, evergreen plants, ornamental grass in a large flower pot, coconut tree, or palm tree. I’ve seen some people plants banana trees close to the pool, I guess it works if you live in warm area, and you can enjoy banana fruits next to the pool :-D
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Plants near a swimming pool?
Pool Landscaping Makes Your Pool And Patio Area A Sanctuary

Pool Landscaping Ideas


  1. Vuejardin, I prefer to have watermelon or honeydew by the pool. I like to take banana if I am hiking or walking ;-) Btw, nice pool! Abd TQVM for you reply on the foil ware. Have another great day!

  2. Steph - Great idea! I'm totally forgot about the watermelon or honeydew, I guess it works too, just need to clean up the dying plants after season and making sure the leaves won't get into the pool.

  3. I think landscaping a pool is important. We want all things in the garden-even pools!:)

  4. Beautiful pool! I've always wanted one. But we do have a lovely swimming hole in the river.

  5. Tina & June,
    Yes, landscaping around the pool is very important, especially we have to make sure the plant won't dirty the pool or damage the pool foundation. We all want everything in our garden :D Did you guys see the breathtaking natural swimming pools on the first link? It's like a dream pool, so perfect and natural.

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  7. I'm so happy to have found someone who is talking about this. I've been searching for ages on specifically which plants will suit around a pool. You do have to be careful with palms though, as their roots seek out water which means that they will bore into to concrete of in-ground pools and can make it very expensive to fix. I love ornamental grasses around a pool too. They are very beautiful and hardy. I also love corydines around the pool. Also be careful of banana trees. They can get a bit messy and the fruit attracts fruit bats which will poop/spew all over your paving area. I found this book quite useful:


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