Thursday, July 16, 2009

Garden plan for next few months - planting and maintenance

There are plenty of planning, planting, garden maintenance for annual/ perennials and vegetable garden. The summer heat can cause lawns to look rough, but it is time to clean up the weeds before they go to seeds. Deciduous trees that loose some leaves or experiencing summer heat stress need some light thinning or pruning to stimulate new growth. My annual flowers still look great but they are not performing up to expectation. Am I having too high standards for those annual? Next month is time to start a fall garden. What is your fall plan? I am thinking to plant some cauliflower and cabbage. Warm soils can dry out faster, so probably the seeds need to be planted a little deeper than spring plantings. Gardening and clean up are essential to avoid having safe harbor for insects and disease. Sometimes the heat and humidity can be discouraging, that's why I need a plan to avoid abandoning those essential garden tasks.


  1. VueJardin, I think gardening in your temperate climate takes a lot more effort than here... have to plan ahead of the season like this. Over here is warm weather whole year round, so less planning work to do. Nonetheless, I know it would be fun for you ;-) Happy planning and gardening!

  2. Your garden plan sounds like a good one. Planting the seeds deeper in the fall planting, great idea, thanks! I have never had a successful fall veggie garden, maybe that is the key. :-)

  3. Great tip on planting the seeds deeper in the fall. Hard to believe it is almost that time!

  4. Stehanie - You are so lucky to have all year round climate, the weather here changes often, so we have to plan the gardening, otherwise it will be nothing to harvest.

    Fairegarden and Tina,
    I learned it from a friend to plant the seeds deeper. Time past so fast, Fall is coming soon.

  5. Nice pictures! Our summer squash didn't do well so we're trying again in another location for fall harvest. Will keep in mind about planting the seeds deeper. :)


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