Monday, July 27, 2009

Ornamental grass around the pond

What should we plant around the pond? How about adding evergreen or ornamental grass to add a dimension of texture in the pond garden and avoid cleaning up the leaves? Not everyone likes the look of grasses, but they usually grow well under the hot summer heat and drought resistant. They are perfect for dry area around the pond and also attract some wildlifes (deer resistant). Some of the perennial and maintenance free grasses are feather grass, ruby grass, northern sea oats, zebra grass, and silky thread grass.


  1. I don't know why but ornamental grasses and ponds go very well together. They beat those old weeping willows any day.

  2. I think cypress papyrus or even typha are nice compliment to a pond. Nonetheless, above pond is beautiful as it is. It would be so nice to take a walk in the evenings and early mornings there ;-)

  3. It looks so peaceful! HOW lovely.

  4. Tina, Stephanie, and June - We often see deers close to the pond, but don't worry, they won't eat the grass.


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