Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yellow flowers - color of sunshine, joy, happiness, intellect, and energy

This is a closeup of the mini yellow flowers. They are glowing and welcoming the warm humid summer. What can you get from a dollar in the era of recession? Some happiness from Lowe's deal hunt, yellow color of sunshine, surprise, and long lasting blooms; that's a lot more than McDonald's dollar meal :-)

*Thanks to MsRobin tell us the name of this flower - Moonbeam Coreospis.


  1. I love yellow flowers also, they seem to be full of sunshine! I think your bargain flowers are Moonbeam Coreospis, right? I have them blooming also.

  2. MsRobin,
    Thanks for telling me the flower's name, it is an unmarked flower/no label from Lowe's. I'm glad finally you solved the mystery.

  3. It is always very wonderful to see yellow flowers in abundance like this. They look cheery and 'fun'. Very good choice for the summer and the bargain right? I am sure these blooms will grace your house for many days... what a worthy deal!


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