Thursday, August 27, 2009

Easy Care Houseplant - Snake Plant (Sansevieria) - Clean Indoor Air

I never realized I have 2 pots of Snake Plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata) at home until Stephanie asked me a week ago. It is also known as Tiger's Tail,とらのお, espada-de-são-jorge, I don't know why most people call it Mother-in-law's Tongue :P
It is one of my indoor collections, I bought it 2 years ago because it is care-free, only requires low light and water once a month or every two months. Yes, it tolerates neglect! If it gets too much sunlight, it will fade the foliage to a yellowish green. My mom said it can produce lots of oxygen, and most people put it in the house or office. I think it can help to clean indoor air, but I'm not sure about its healing properties. There is an article mentions using snake plant leaf extract as an antivenin agent. I call it energy-free "nature's air purifier" for our home.

Mature plant height 4'

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  1. I had almost forgotten about this plant. My mother-in-law actually gave me a cutting from hers when SAM and I first got married--almost 30 years ago. I rooted it and put the potted plant where it would do the most good cleaning the air--in the bathroom! Somehow it was given away during one of our many moves. I must find another one of these plants. Thanks for reminding me of it!

  2. Hello VueJardin, it is always nice to find/read new things from your blog/postings. The other day I was at a floral show and one of the exhibitor, a landscape architect told me that snake plant is edible. I am not so certain, hence asked you. But it is certainly good to know that it is a good air purifier. I have two snake plants now. Both are dwarf version. One all green and the other green & cream. Happy planting snake plant!

  3. Walk2write - Great idea, I put it in our living room, possible will relocate one pot to clean the bathroom's air.

    Steph - Thanks for your complement. It is nice to know that the plant is edible, but I'm not sure I will try it though. I'm thinking to get another green and yellow one, it looks beautiful.

  4. VueJardin, ha ha... so do I. Maybe the expert has to cook for me to taste one time... then I would be convinced. But when I told my friend that I learnt that snake plant is a air purifier, she was delighted to know that as she has one at home :-D So it is good to grow more of this plant!


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