Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Roses, Roses d'été

Summer can be sweltering, but when I take a walk in the executive mansion garden, the old-fashioned rose garden lets me forget the hot summer heat.


  1. The last yellow rose is gorgeous! I love it. I have not seen one so big and yellow before. And the single layer roses in the first and second pictures are lovely also. I would love to be in this garden to admire the roses ;-) TQ for posting. Have another enjoyable day!

  2. I'm with Steph, I like the last yellow rose the best.

    Roses have enchanted people for ages. There are many old-fashioned rose gardens in Bermuda. So much so, that several local books have large sections devoted to the subject.

  3. Wish I could take that walk with you. Gorgeous!

  4. Stephanie, Tina, Prospero, and June,

    Yellow roses represent friendship, they are so lovely. Wish you guys can take a walk with me, I'm sure y'all will enjoy the garden too.

  5. It must be so beautiful walking in a rose garden that has been established a long time ago and sports many old fashioned roses which are not seen so often now. The scent must be delightful.I love the single, pink rose. In Switzerland I planted many single roses like Cocktail etc. Here in this warm, hot climate I mainly grow tea roses, climbing and bush- as they do best.


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