Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pruning Blackberry Plant

Blackberry plant needs pruning short after harvest, but a long sharp tool is required due to the dangerous thorns. These are what I cut from the plant; some gardeners said dead canes can spread disease, so I have to take those to the dump.


  1. Hello VueJardin! I have not planted any fruit tree before. But for the shrubs in my garden I do need to prune them often. After pruning, I find that the plant tend to grow nicer... or at least lusher. Have a happy Monday!

  2. Steph - Yes, shrubs need pruning. Do you plan to get a small fruit tree and plant it in a large pot? The small lime and lemon are so cute. Typhoon Etau slammed into Asia, are you guys affected?

  3. I heard about the typhoon too. It affected Taiwan, Japan... North Asia.


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