Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spanish Lavenders - Wealth, Spirituality, and Royalty

Purple color represents wealth, spirituality, and royalty. I always love purple color flowers; especially it looks gorgeous in the front yard. Did you notice purple flower plants sometimes are more expensive than yellow one, and you can easily find yellow flowers in the nursery compared to the purple one? These Spanish Lavenders are a great buy, because I got them from Lowe's during the dollar sale, and they produce generous blooms. The most important is they perennials, I enjoy their long lasting blooms, and hope you will enjoy them too.


  1. Heard a lot about Spanish lavender :-) Too bad I am not able to grow them here. Once I was at a gift shop, I saw a lot of fake lavenders. Not sure what type but they looked very nice in a vase (whole bouquet of lavender!). Do you cut them to display in a vase?

  2. Steph and Tina,

    I think some of the gift shop sells dry lavenders. This is the first blooms, I will cut them when they are faded. Lavenders love sunlight, don't know why it won't grow in tropical area, possible too humid?


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