Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer berries, baies d'été

The last crop of berries are now ripening under the summer heat. Try to enjoy it before the berry season is over!


  1. Btw, VueJardin, does this berry plant only bear fruit one time in a season or after plucking the plant will still bear fruits till the season ends. Just curious ;-)

  2. Friends are amazed to come to our house and have blackberry cobbler in the dead of winter. The freezer is our friend! Enjoy the berry bounty...

  3. Tina and Steph - The berry only bear fruit during summer. I need to prune out fruiting canes as soon as berries are harvested each summer, and new canes will fruit for the following year

    June - You must be harvested lots of blackberry to freeze it. I only have one year old young plant, but it grows very fast, hopefully I can share some with our friends next year.

    Have a great weekend!


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