Monday, May 11, 2009

Purple Chaenorrhinum Origanifolium 'Summer Skies' Snapdragon & King Edward Yellow

Snapdragon 'Summer Skies' & King Edward Yellow
These are some of the new perennials in my garden, I finish off the landscape with double-sided castle brick edging. Snapdragon has lots of blue-lilac snapdragon-like 0.5" flowers. It is not deer resistant, but it's heat tolerant. Can you use the Chaenorrhinum seeds to grow a new plant?

Achillea Lewisii - King Edward Yellow

Smaller deer resistant plant with little yellow flowers, the leaves make a woolly mass 1-2" high, foliage is scented when crushed. Good part is it only needs minimum care, spread quickly in poor loose soil, but will decline in appearance in humidity. It is perfect for rock garden, or in pockets on a stone wall. It can be used as groundcover with interesting texture.


  1. Dear VueJardin, how are you? That foliage/little tree next/behind to King Edward Yellow, I have planted before. But later the leaves got burnt and turned yellow and died. Yeah, the leaves are scented when crushed. I love the bright green foliage. But I think this plant would love your weather :-)

  2. Thanks for asking, the spring weather is just perfect for gardening, I think the purple Snapdragon can't take too much water, especially didn't like soaking roots.

  3. Very sweet! I like the blue with yellow and the castle rock is perfect in its place. You have a grand gardening day!


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