Friday, May 15, 2009

Bluecrop, Northland and Patio Blueberries

It has been 2 months since I plant the Bluecrop, Northland and Patio blueberries (see here). How are those three blue berries doing now? Seems like some of them start to change color.

I have been planting blueberry for the past few years; just never get any fruit until this year. When I checkout two blueberries early this spring at a local nursery, a cashier nicely reminded me to get two different types so that it will cross pollinate and produce better quality fruits.

The lesson learned is never use cheap top soil like last time, the berries never grow well. This spring, I add some pebbles into the hole, and plant the blueberries using good quality garden soil. Blueberries like sunny location and well-drained and sandy loam soils. I guess those are the key of my berry success this spring. Now it is time to figure out when to harvest those blueberries :-)
Any good blueberry recipe?

OSU: Growing Blueberries In Your Home Garden
MSU: Hints on Growing Blueberries


  1. Hey, they are looking good. I am sure you will be harvesting soon. As for recipe, Blueberry cheese cake is yummy. If not, just eat the blueberries as it is straight from the garden with some whipped cream or icing sugar :-)

  2. Stephanie, thanks for the tips.

  3. Thank are looking most happy and will be ever so delicious!

  4. Not just he berries, I'm happy too, can't wait to harvest the fruits :D

  5. Beautiful. I'm hoping my berries turn out well as I've planted them in pots. (I can't plant them in the ground because our soil is so dead)


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