Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Visiting Old Quebec (Part 2)

Used to be a palace, now it is a hotel.Beautiful wall painting on the way down from the hill

Having branch at the Cafe de Paris
Saint Lawrence River

Building looks like a church
Love the flower pots on the windows.


  1. I was eager to visit Quebec and Montreal for a long time. :)
    Is the red building in the 4th photo a restaurant? It looks very special to me, I like its color.

  2. Dear VueJardin, I like the painting or it is a wall mural or a huge banner? It look so real. I notice this town likes use red as an accent colour. The striking red flowers under and in-between those bright yellow canopies of Cafe de Paris are beautiful. Have a cheery day!

  3. I've never been there and I want to go there right now! I missed part 1, will go check it. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, I enjoy reading all the comments.


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