Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flower Pot Arrangement II

This is a follow up from previous flower pot arrangement post - add long stem grass the middle of the pot, surround it with some annual white flowers, and let it spill over pot sides. Simple and easy arrangement that will last a few months.


  1. Hi VueJardin, I like the yellow lily as suggested. TQ! I hope I can find one from the nurseries here. Oh, your flower arrangement is fresh looking and lovely. It will last a few months? seriously? You put them into soil or water? The white flowes looks like petunias... very eye-catching.

  2. That really is a lovely arrangement!

  3. That tall grass really makes a difference.

  4. I plant those into a flower pot, pick a tall plant as center piece, and add some flowers to let it spill over pot sides. I put together a pink and purple one as house warming gift for a friend. This Christmas, I will plant a small Christmas tree in the center of a large pot, and add some red flowers around the tree, it will be the front porch Christmas decoration :-)


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