Monday, April 20, 2009

Updates on new herbs and tomatoes

New tomatoes and herbs are in the ground. I am adding more herbs in the garden this year (plan to use more herbs like basil, pepper, rosemary, and mint to add flavor and put less salt in cooking). Stevia can be used as sweetener. It is a 100% natural zero calorie sweetener, a good alternative to sugar, it costs less and safe for everyone.


  1. With so many herbs you might not use any salt in cooking this year! Impressive collection!

  2. Your tomato plants still very small... one day they will grow and bear fruits... We just had our first harvest of tomatoes, one kilogram!! cheers! ~ bangchik

  3. LOL! Ya, that's the point, less salt and suger in cooking, use herb to add more flavor. Some herbs are annual, I have to replant those next year.


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