Monday, April 6, 2009

Green Onions and Chives (Allium Schoenoprasum)

Both green onions/ scallions and chives are perennials (allium family).
Green onions and chives are grown as herb, the green stems are snipped and used as a garnish on foods. Green onions have onion flavor, chives have much stronger taste with smaller and harder leave texture.

Photo from 1 month ago - I bought the green onions from grocery store, harvested 1" above the bulb, and let it grew in a pot.After 3 weeks, see how fast they grow...

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  1. Beautiful plants you have in your place ... very green and shiny! ... a sign of plants well taken cared .. I notice you are not into Blotanical lately... Visit blotanical, and see you there... haha .. cheers! ~ bangchik


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