Thursday, April 23, 2009

Possible to grow a tree from a branch?

When you snip off a branch off a tree, stick it in soil, will the branch grow roots?

I place a branch from Kieffer pear tree in a flower pot with potting soil to keep it from compacting, and make sure the soil is wet. Then, keep it in a shaded area with minimum sunlight. I didn't use the rooting hormone, but it starts to grow tiny green leaves and new roots in a month. Amazing!

Some simple techniques:

Propagation of Woody Plants/ Tree by Cuttings Branch

Grow Cuttings from Established Plants

Grow more plants with root cuttings

Will cuttings grow?


  1. It's just lucky. I have tried several times, only this one grows.

  2. Good job VueJardin! This pear tree really grows well at your place. I wonder how long does it need to grow until it bear fruits.

  3. Possible it will take a long time to grow taller and bear fruits, hopes it's like an ornamental tree.


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