Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Lilies (Lilium Longiflorum, Lilium Candidum, Zephyranthes Atamasco)

Ready for Easter? Easter Lilies are beautiful white trumpet shape and very fragrant .
These lilies are transplanting under a plum tree and re-blooming from previous year.
When the flowers have been faded, keep the plant watered and in indirect sunlight.
There is nothing to loose when transplanting the lilies from indoor display, right?

We always choose an Easter Lily plants that are already in full bloom, but immediate gratification won’t translate into long term enjoyment. When choosing lily plants, making sure that will last through the holiday season and beyond. Pick a plant with flowers and buds in various stages of development, preferably from tight bud to partially opened flower. Make sure the foliage is dense, extends all the way down the stem to the soil line and has a uniform rich, healthy, green color. A plant that has outgrown its pot will be stressed. Check the plant for signs of insects or disease/ dark spots. Select a plant that is about two-times as tall as the pot, it will grow back next season.

Story: Lilium longiflorum is actually a native of the southern islands of Japan. A World War I soldier, Louis Houghton, is credited with starting U.S. Easter Lily production when he brought a suitcase full of lily bulbs with him to the southern coast of Oregon in 1919. He gave them away to friends and when the supply of bulbs from Japan was cut off as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the rising price of the bulbs suddenly made the lily business a viable industry for these hobby growers.


  1. Very interesting on Louis Houghton. I sometimes wish we gardeners now a days could fall into such luck. Your Easter lilies are absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Tina, thanks for your compliment and stopping by my blog :)

  3. Most flowers are facing the sun, sort of very upright and vertical ... but lilies shown here practically shoot out sideways ... very lovely! cheers!.., ~ bangchik

  4. Nice lillys you got. Lillys is one of my favorits.

  5. Thanks Signe, love your Fairy and Pelargonia, they are so gorgeous!

  6. Uhm, I posted 2 photos of new blooming friends in my balcony, there is one should be belonging to "lilies family", but I still coundn't find out its correct name. I was told that it's named "four sisters", but I think that should be the "nickname", haha. Cause I couldn't find it on the website.

  7. Muggle,
    Possible your flower is Christmas Lily (Lilium Regale), see this one:


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