Sunday, April 5, 2009

Armeria, Sea Pink, Thrift, Armeria maritima, Armeria vulgaris, Statice armeria

I decided to get more info about Armeria (Sea Pink/ Thrift), here are the findings:
Scientific Name: Armeria maritima.
Synonym: Armeria vulgaris, Statice armeria
Family: Plumbaginaceae
  • USDA: 4-10
  • Frost Tolerance: Hardy to -30°F (-35°C)
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun
  • Origin: Coastlines of Europe
  • Growth Habits: Perennial, mounds up to 12 inches tall (30 cm)
  • Watering Needs: Regular to little water
  • Propagation: Seeds, cuttings in spring or fall
  • Use in rock gardens or as edging plant.
  • Dry soil, little if any fertilizing.
  • Space 10-12" apart. Vivid pink blossoms on 10-20" stems in June to August; 8" foliage is evergreen.
  • Few if any insect or disease problems unless soil is too wet.
  • Seed setting with the spread of dead flower head.


  1. Good morning. I like the sea thrift this time of year. It does not do well here though:( Too wet and not enough sun maybe. Thanks for the info on it.

  2. Ya, sea pink doesn't like too much water. It's almost care free.
    I like your castle rocks landscaping and picket fence on the background.

  3. Hi Vuejardin! That picket fence and castle rock is my co-poster's garden. There are four of us who post to my little blog. Skeeter does it on the weekend (it's her garden), my sister and blog friend Lola also have one day per month. The rest of the time it is me. I am the one who started it and I also do Blotanical. It is confusing at first but folks usually get used to it. I was quite honored to see my little blog on your blogroll. It always amazes me when folks find my blog and read it and even add it to their faves.

  4. Thanks for telling me your blog schedule. That's great; you all can take a break once a while.


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