Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Amazing One-Tree Orchard! Persimmon Dwarf Cocktail Fruit Tree

Three varieties from this unusual fruit cocktail tree - it is persimmons, nectarines, and peaches all from the same tree. Possible it's three separate varieties grafted onto one rootstock. It's self-pollinating and grows about 7 feet tall. I can reach fruits from this little one tree orchard standing right on the ground. It's especially nice when someone doesn't have room for an orchard, a spectacular sight to enjoy.

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  1. WoW! That is neat! I wouldn't mind having something like that in our yard!

  2. It is just an unexpected surprise, I thought it's a persimmon tree.

  3. It's really amazing that they came out of one rootstock almostly. Here in Taiwan, I think same in Japan, the season for persimmons should be in automn.

  4. What a solution for space saving adventure... very interesting. ~ bangchik

  5. This is something new to me. I never heard of a cocktail tree before. Very cool!

  6. Muggle, Bangchik & Kakdah, and Stephanie,

    Multiple fruits in one tree will save some space, some online forums (see posted links) discuss the growth rate for certain branch /type of fruits might not be the same. I will post a followup photos and see how it goes.


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