Friday, March 6, 2009

Vertical Gardening to Save Space

Vertical Gardening to Save Space
Train any vine-like (climber and trailer) plants through vertical support; guide the plants using strings, it will attach to the vertical support. Then, just enjoy seeing them to crawl and grow up.

Types of vines:

* Grape

* Sweet pea

* Bougainvillea

* Passion fruit

* Melon (small water melon, bitter melon, winter melon...)

* Kiwi fruit plant

* Mini pumpkin

* Dragon fruit plant

* Honeydew

* Cantaloupe

* Wisteria

* Ivy

* Morning Glory

* Any limber and trailer vine plants you can think of...

I really enjoy Patti Moreno's vertical gardening tricks to grow watermelon vertically. Please move the cursor to the middle right of the YouTube (see above) and click on the > icon to forward until you see her Garden Girl Urban Sustainable Living video.

My vertical gardening photos:

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