Sunday, March 29, 2009

Berries: Raspberry, Strawberry...

Berry bushes are easy to grow, but they take maintenance to keep producing sweet, delicious berries. Raspberries prefer full sunlight and grow best in well-drained and sandy loam soils. Raspberries needs regular simple pruning to keep bearing large, healthy crops and to prevent them from taking over the garden. If garden space is limited, berries can grow in containers. The crowns and roots of raspberry plants are perennial, but individual canes live two years. First-year canes have green stems, while second-year canes have a thin, brown bark covering them and will produce fruit.
Strawberry plants don't live forever. Renovating of strawberry bed is required in order to keep it producing delicious strawberries as long as possible. Strawberries are shallow-rooted plants, and start to slow in fruit production if they are allowed to dry out. During the winter, dig the strawberries plants out of the urn-shaped pots, place them in plastic pots, and bury it into the ground with their rims at soil level.

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  1. I love raspberries! I plan to plant a nice spot for these this year. Your look wonderful.-Heather

  2. Your berries look delicious. We would love to grow raspberries here, but it doesn't get cold enough for them.

    Always Growing


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