Sunday, March 1, 2009


These are some of the trees in my garden:
Callery pear tree - Pyrus calleryana, it is susceptible to being damaged by winds, but the good part is it holds up well against street pollution

Bigtooth Maple - Acer grandidentatum.
This maple tree can reach up to 20 - 50 ft. in height, the flowers appear with the leaves in mid spring; they are produced in corymbs of 5–15 together, each flower yellow-green, with no petals. It is drought tolerance. The bark is dark brown to gray, with narrow fissures and flat ridges creating plate-like scales; it is thin and easily damaged (I don't know why it attracts bee during summer/ fall). The leaves are opposite, simple and broad, with three to five deep, bluntly-pointed lobes. Other names occasionally used include Lost Maple, Sabinal Maple, Western Sugar Maple, Uvalde Big Tooth Maple, Canyon Maple, Southwestern Big Tooth Maple, Plateau Big Tooth Maple, Limerock Maple, Wasatch Maple and Rocky Mountain Sugar Maple

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