Monday, March 30, 2009

Banana Pepper, Sweet Pepper, Pimento, Bird Pepper, Serrano Pepper, Jalapeno, Thai Chile ...

Chile Pepper Information and Recipes

How to get some free pepper plants?
~ Buy a few ripe peppers from the grocery; take the seeds out and grow it in a flower pot, the seeds will germinate if they are at nearly ripening age.

peppers can be used as companion planting to repel insects such as ants, mosquitoes, flies in the garden; avoid using bug spray or buying toxic pesticides and insecticides.

Banana Pepper/ Banana Chile/ Sweet Banana Pepper/ Pimento:
Banana-shaped pepper that changes from pale to deep yellow or orange as they mature. Sweet banana peppers are sweet, long, tapered, yellow and banana-shaped, may be fried or sautéed, used raw on relish platters.

Bird Pepper / Thai Bird Chile / Thai Chile / Thai Jalapeno:
Small chile, it packs an incredibly fiery punch. Thai chiles range in color from red to green when fully mature.

Serrano Pepper: Small, rich, waxy green peppers change to orange and red as they mature. They are about 1 ½” long with thin walls and the smaller they are, the more spicy flavor they have. It can be substituted with jalapeno in cooking.

Jalapeno Pepper
: Popular chiles with a good amount of heat and rich flavor. Green jalapenos are best in the late summer, while red jalapenos appear in the fall. Canned jalapenos aren't as fiery as fresh.

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