Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Multi-budded fruit tree blossom

I ordered a new Fuyu persimmon tree from online nursery, it has blossomed this week.
I found out that the tree is bi-sexual :D and multi-budded.
A bogger posted a comment that it is not a persimmon.
It has both male and female flowers. Female flowers are white color, but the same tree also has pink-tinged male flowers. So, I guess I paid the price for a persimmon tree, and received a multi-budded fruit tree, and found out about it a year later. What a great online deal! Multi-budded tree is usually cost more than persimmon. LOL!!!Reading:


  1. beatiful flowers and delicious fruit!

  2. Arboretto,
    Thanks for your complement

  3. I have a fuyu persimmon tree and the flowers are very small and yellow are you sure that is a fuyu persimmon tree?

  4. Ya, I found out that this online ordered Persimmon tree ended up to be a multi-budded one, not persimmon.


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