Saturday, March 28, 2009

Azalea Braided Bonsai, Rhododendron (the royalty of the garden)

This Azalea bonsai has been carefully cultivated as a gift to capture its height of grace and intrinsic beauty. One of the most sought-after features of this plant is its braided form under full bloom wherein you can see a spectacular array of colors formed from the perfect combination of the leaves and flowers. It is a popular landscape plant, and can also be trimmed to any size. It is a small ornamental flower shrub known for its beautiful foliage and vibrant red pink flowers. This plant blooms once a year and produces large flowers. Heavy blooming happens during spring where the plant appears vividly rich in color with flowers that appear almost fluorescent. The stems can also be pruned into compact shapes. Most azaleas have terminal blooms (one flower per flower stem). However, they have so many stems that during the flowering season they are a solid mass of color. Azaleas are recognized by these flowers blooming all at once, in a showy display for a month or two in spring. It is ideal for use in mixed shrubbery borders and foundations, making it one of the best plants to plant around the garden. With or without the flowers, this ornamental plant still looks beautiful.
Story: "When western botanists first traveled to Tibet, they were amazed by the infinite varieties of azalea they found blooming in the hilly woodlands. Immortalizing this exquisite, natural beauty with the art of bonsai makes a fitting and fabulous gift to celebrate."

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  1. Nice Bonsai .... I remembered visiting a temple in Japan years ago ... The keepers were looking after a 300 year old bonsai .. It wasn't in pot but gripping on the ground... it was majestic!... cheers... ~ bangchik.


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