Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life Cycle of Green Onion

Life cycle of the green onions:


  1. I like scallion, they add a nice aroma to my dishes. I used to have a pot but the rain kept breaking the stalks. After a while I gave up in keeping it :-(

  2. Personally, I love all onions and garlic. You should try potato and leek boiled in chicken stock. Makes an amazing soup :D

  3. Ohh.., these onions come with many names, and we just term everything as "bawang". I grew onions before... for a while got me really worried why the leaves went on limping and almost resting on the ground...

  4. Stephanie - I think it likes loose soil, if you plant it close to the sunny spot, it will grow well.

    Barry - I love garlic and onion too, I just cook a whole bunch of garlic with olive oil, it taste so good. Thanks for the recipe, I will try the potato and leek in chicken stock, soup is good for health.

    Bangchik and Kakdah - It is nice to harvest the fresh bawang for daily cooking. When the leaves went on limping it is the close to the end of its life cycle.

  5. Thanks for the additional info :-)


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