Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hydrangea Arborescens

If you like hydrangea, Hydrangea arborescens is a good choice because it needs less water than macrophylla or quercifolia

Growing Hydrangeas in Containers

Website dedicated to Hydrangea


  1. I love this flower, hydrangea. They are always in bloom at the nursery. When bought and brought back to our houses, is another story. I have heard so many complains from my gardening friends that they are not able to bring back those beautiful blooms and many just do not bloom at all. I think this plant likes temperate weather and not like the tropics (hot!). Nonetheless, tqvm for this post. It is good info for me. I am still keeping track of this plant. Have a great weekend and happy gardening! Btw, do you like dim sum?

  2. wow, my hydrangeas are already starting to die down for the coming autumn and winter xD

  3. Steph - Yes, it taste great.
    Barry - You must be in cool region, my hydrangeas are still green. I think it will last until November.

  4. Can't believe these are still green - they look wonderful!

  5. Can't believe these are still green - they look wonderful!

  6. hydrangea looks superbly green, sad to hear that it could not live in the tropics.

  7. thegallopinggardener and mind mgmt -Thanks for visiting my blog. Most of the colorful hydrangeas need lots of water, if will live under the shade if you plant it in the tropics.


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