Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Romaine Lettuce - 2nd Generation

I wonder what to do with those Romaine Lettuce seeds on previous romaine lettuce posts
trilliumgrovefarm said... Gather seeds! :)
June said...Bring on those seeds...
Now the second generation is spreading everywhere


  1. Now you got me wandering just where are those seeds? Would it grow out from the centre?

  2. It is good know that this lettuce is so productive. I love its taste :-D

  3. So beautiful! How nice will it be to have a beautiful romaine salad for Thanksgiving? Did you gather any seeds for next spring?

  4. Lucky you! My lettuce is not doing well at all and I can tell you I wish it would!

  5. Glad to hear to you all. I think Romaine Lettuce is easier to grow than regular type. I can find them in the lawn, they are almost everywhere.


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