Friday, February 27, 2009

Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes in the Garden

Mosquito Plant, Citrosa Geranium, Deodorizer Plant, Citronella Plant (Pelargonium citrosum) - A great plant to repel mosquito with lemon scented leaves. It can grow up to 30" tall and 15-18" wide.

Rosemary (not just for cooking, it also has oil that repels mosquitoes).

Catnip - The natural oils found in Catnip is actually a more effective mosquito repellent than the highly toxic spray. It is very easy to plant it all around the outdoor living areas, or crush it up, retain the oil and use it as all natural mosquito repellent
- Lemon Grass (aka. Citronella Grass) grows in clumps up to 6ft tall, use in many Thai recipes.
Other plants that repel mosquitoes:

- Ageratums are annuals, and they come in a muted blue and white that compliments most other plantings.

- Horsemint has a scent similar to citronella. It is partial to sandy soils and will grow in USDA Zones 5-10. Native Americans used it as a treatment for colds and flu. It has natural fungicidal and bacterial retardant properties because it's essential oils are high in thymol.

- Mosquitoes don't like Marigolds scent any better (and some humans feel the same way). Marigolds are sun-loving annuals that come in a variety of shapes and sizes for almost any landscape. They are quite easy to grow from seed.

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